Directional Cutter

Directional Cutter This unit is the ideal tool for cutting hardened deposits and roots from pipelines, using a single jet nozzle with a variable speed cutting head rotating through 360 degrees. The head can be set up with specifically designed nozzles depending on the position and type of material to be removed.

The cutter has a colour forward facing camera fixed to the unit, enabling the operator to have a full view of the cutting works in progress. This also allows for pre and post cutting survey to be carried out with the same unit.

Directional Cutter The cutting unit can operate in pipe sizes 150mm dia to 600mm dia, and is capable of cutting mass and tap roots, grease and fat deposits, hardened scale, intruding connections, rubber pipe joint sealing rings.

Remote Jetting Hose Reel

Directional Cutter This mini tracked unit enables jetting work to be carried out over most terrain inaccessible for the jet-vac tankers. It works in conjunction with a jet-vac unit and can operate at extended distances away from the main unit, and has its own controls and hose reel for the jetting works to be carried out.