Sewer Cleaning

We operate a range of vehicles and equipment including high pressure with low flow rates (4000 psi at 12 gpm), and medium pressure with high flow rates (2300 psi at 90 gpm). The majority of these units are combination Jet-Vac tankers at varying tank sizes and flow rates. These vehicles range from 7.5 ton to 32 ton, and can operate suction simultaneously with jetting.

We have numerous specialist tools and jetting nozzles enabling cleaning works to be efficiently carried out on pipe sizes from 50mm to 1500mm diameter.

Hardened deposits such as scale and grease can also be cut and removed from this range of pipe sizes with the use of appropriate tools. In addition we also operate a high pressure camera controlled directional cutter for removing these deposits together with root removal and intruding connections. Please see the Special Works section of this website for details of the directional cutter.

A separate tracked hose reel is used in conjunction with these vehicles for sites with poor access, or longer distances and in off road situations. Please see the Special Works section for details on the remote hose reel.